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Gateway Therapies offers "to your home" occupational therapy, speech therapy, NDIS support and other services for Brisbane families.


No Gap or Low Gap Funding Options

We can connect you with therapists who are approved providers for:

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NDIS Services

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Services provided
(Capacity Building Interventions):

  • Therapy Assistant - empower participants and improve interactions between participants and their social networks. Assistance to engage effectively in the community through a group approach to help achieve goals, gain insight into their lives, and make informed decisions.
  • Individual assessment, therapy and/or training (includes assistive technology - Assessment, therapy, training, fitting and support.
  • Multidisciplinary team - Multidisciplinary model of support delivered to participants over 6 years to improve community outcomes for participant.
  • Employment related assessment and counselling - workplace assessment conducted by workplace rehabilitation provider to determine adjustments or modifications to workplace or work processes to ensure employment is maintained and matches the employee's capacity.  
  • Specialised behavioural intervention support - Highly specialised intensive support interventions to address significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concern. Development of behaviour support plans that temporarily use restrictive practices, with intention to minimise use of the these practices.
  • Behaviour management plan, training in behaviour management strategies - Training for carers and others in behaviour management stategies required due to the person's disability. 
  • Dietician consultation and diet plan development
  • Specialised individual therapy for early childhood - individual specialist interventions to assist a child with a disability or developmental delay and their family in home, care, community and education settings. 
  • Individual counselling - Facilitating self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources on a one-to-one basis. Assist particpants to work towards their personal goals and gain greater insight into their lives. 


Our therapists are approved providers for the NDIS and Helping Children with Autism Funding packages. Led by Dr Nicole Grant, Occupational Therapist, our team of therapists can assist children with ASD to thrive. Our therapists can assist with sensory processing difficulties, self care, emotional regulation and more. 


Our therapists can assist with language and articulation difficulties, feeding challenges, low oromotor tone and more. Did you know that speech therapists can also assist with social and communication skills?


Our Occupational Therapists can work with people of all ages to help them achieve independence with those activities of daily living that are most important to them. We can help with dressing, toileting, feeding, handwriting, and more. We can also help with equipment prescription, such as wheelie walkers and grab rails. Our therapists are approved providers for DVA, Medicare, and other funding schemes.


Our team of therapists can assist with workstation assessments, worksite assessments, developing return to work programs, and conducting function capacity evaluations. We will work with anyone from home based businesses, to large companies.

Disability Support Worker

Provision of in-home and community-based support to assist individuals of all ages with disabilities to participate in academic, leisure/ recreatiional, and vocational pursuits. Groups are also available to assist with the development of life skills such as budgeting, shopping, diet/ nutrition, self care (laundry, hygiene), food preparation and more.


If you have a fussy eater, or need to support a family member or client with feeding challenges or allergies, our therapists can help. 


Our team is experienced with assisting families to adjust to a new diagnosis, establish an effective support network, including identifying funding sources for ongoing support, setting up routines, helping with challenging behaviours, and providing strategies to manage anxiety and depression.


Children and adults with hearing difficulties can access a therapist specialised in helping with communication in the preschool or classroom. See more information here.


Music therapy can assist with communication and language development, social skills, attention and concentration and more. And it's fun! Our music therapists will work with people of all ages, and can provide one-on-one therapy or group therapy.