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CLICK HERE or call 3398 9367 to connect with a specialist in Autism or disability support Occupational Therapist Brisbane.  Gateway Therapies offers a variety of services, in the comfort of your home.

Mobile NDIS support services, mobile and telehealth occupational therapy, mobile speech therapy and autism therapies for Brisbane families.

Gateway Therapies, qualified Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and other allied health therapies offer Brisbane families a mobile therapy service for children and adults of all ages. Gateway Therapies provides Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and disability support services to children and adults with physical disabilities, developmental delays and neuro-developmental disorders such as autism, in their workplace, home, school or childcare environment.  We assist children and adults to develop life skills that they may find challenging for any reason, but have specialised skills for assisting children with Autism (ASD), Asperger's Disorder, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Intellectual Impairment, Dyslexia or other diagnosed disorders, as well as children with hearing loss and vision impairment. 

  We come to you!

We come to you!

Why Choose Mobile Therapists?

We offer a mobile therapy service Brisbane wide.  We believe that working with you and/ or your child in their workplace, home or school, helps you and/or your child feel more comfortable and helps us to deliver a better experience and better results.  Our mobile therapy is particularly great for children diagnosed with Autism as it allows them to meet with their therapist in a familiar setting.  Each of our experienced and professional therapists is fully qualified and able to assist with you and/or your child's specific needs.  

What Can Mobile Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Do for You and Your Child?

Our Therapists assist adults and children to reach a number of key developmental milestones and become more independent in their daily lives.  We use play, creative exercises and of course, well proven evidence-based techniques to assist with:

  • self care skills (e.g dressing, toileting, eating)

  • life skills (e.g. community access, money handling, shopping, food preparation and other household tasks etc)

  • sensory processing challenges

  • fine motor development, particularly handwriting

  • gross motor development/ coordination

  • attention/ concentration, organisation skillls and difficulties with executive functioning

  • social and communication skills

  • visual processing and visual perceptual difficulties

  • literacy/ numeracy skills and other areas of academic performance

  • tone, posture and core stability

  • behavioural difficulties and managing difficult behaviours

  • emotional regulation, managing anxiety and self calming strategies

Occupational Therapies and Speech and Language Therapies for Brisbane Autistic Kids

We specialise in Helping Children With Autism and use the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and other evidence-based intervention strategies.

An Autism (ASD) diagnosis may leave you feeling confused.  As the Autism Spectrum is vast, it's vital to see a fully qualified and experienced Occupational Therapist to get the best results for your child's very specific needs.    

Affordable Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy in Brisbane

At Gateway Therapies, we believe that all people should have access to the therapy that they need.  We're Approved Early Intervention Providers for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Helping Children With Autism (HCWA) package and Better Start funding schemes We are also approved providers for Medicare and most private health funds.  Most parents will have no-gap or low-gap therapy for a diagnosed child.


Our affordable mobile Occupational Therapy service and Speech Therapy service is available Brisbane-wide.

For more information, please contact us.

Featured Therapists

Mobile Allied health therapies for all your health and wellbeing needs 

Autism therapies - Brisbane's autism specialists

Our therapists are approved providers for the NDIS and Helping Children with Autism Funding packages. Led by Dr Nicole Grant, Occupational Therapist, our team of occupational therapists can assist children with ASD to thrive. Our therapists can assist with sensory processing difficulties, self care, emotional regulation and more, and we come to you!  Dr Grant holds a PhD in Autism related Occupational Therapy and is recognised as an authority in Autism interventions across Australia.

occupational therapy for brisbane adults and kids

Our Occupational Therapists can work with people of all ages to help them achieve independence with those activities of daily living that are most important to them. We can help with dressing, toileting, feeding, handwriting, and more. We can also help with equipment prescription, such as wheelie walkers and grab rails. Our therapists are approved providers for the NDIS, DVA, Medicare, Your Life Your Choice, and many other funding schemes.

Ergonomics and workplace rehabilitation

Our team of therapists can assist with workstation assessments, worksite assessments, developing return to work programs, and conducting functional capacity evaluations. We will work with anyone from home based businesses to large companies. Our most senior therapist has over 15 years experience working with injured workers and facilitating successful return to work programs. Group discounts apply for onsite ergonomic workstation assessments. 

Speech and Language Pathology 

Our speech and language therapists are able to undertake comprehensive assessments and provide therapy services for a range of challenges including difficulties with language, expressive and receptive communication, articulation, and literacy skills. Our mobile speech therapists will come to your home or school to work with your child to help them build their skills, increase their confidence, and help them thrive. 

Teacher of the deaf 

We have a Teacher of the Deaf who can help parents to better understand hearing loss, and provide therapy for children who are deaf.  Children and adults who are hard of hearing and have hearing loss can access a therapist specialised in helping with skills for communication, auditory, literacy and social skills development. Better Start approved providers available. Our experienced therapists will come to your child's home or school. 

social work, counselling and psychology

Our team is experienced with assisting families to adjust to a new diagnosis, establish an effective support network, including identifying funding sources for ongoing support, setting up routines, helping with challenging behaviours, and providing strategies to manage anxiety and depression. Our therapists work with all ages and provide services at locations all across Brisbane. 

Darcy the Therapy Dog (Animal assisted therapy)

Darcy the very gorgeous Golden Retriever, and his handler, Dr Nicole Grant are a fully trained and accredited therapy dog team. Darcy is currently available to visit aged care homes, medical facilities, respite centres and work places in Brisbane's eastern suburbs. Therapy Dogs have a wonderful impact on people,and Darcy is great at engaging the people he visits, and more often than not puts a big smile on their face. More than that, therapy dogs can have amazing health benefits for those who regularly work with them. Reduced stress and anxiety is just the beginning!


Our Friends and Partners

Visit our Friends of Gateway Therapies page for more information on our featured services, our favourite therapy products, suppliers, and special deals for Gateway Therapies' clients. 

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Yes! We can help with:

> Home and community-based life skills development for all ages e.g. meal prep, home organisation, shopping, money handling and more
> Evidence-based therapeutic speech and occupational therapy interventions including use of ABA and other strategies
> School readiness skill development
> Assistive Technology (AT) NDIS applications
> Occupational therapy reports to help you prove evidence of your disability for NDIS applications
> Parent training sessions for new diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder
> And more!

 Learn more about Occupational Therapy for kids

Learn more about Occupational Therapy for kids

 Learn more about occupational therapy for adults

Learn more about occupational therapy for adults


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Our Service Areas

We offer community-based, mobile Occupational therapists, Speech therapists and allied health specialists in Brisbane, IPSWICH and surrounding areas.  

We also provide therapy, assessment and consulting services as far as the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Call us on 07 3398 9367 to discuss how we can help with medico-legal assessments, MBIs, Initial Needs Assessments, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Ergonomic Workstation Assessments and more. 

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Featured Services

 We specialise in autism therapies

We specialise in autism therapies

 Connect with a family friendly, child development expert today.

Connect with a family friendly, child development expert today.

 Is your preschooler ready for prep? Call us today if you're not sure. We can help!

Is your preschooler ready for prep? Call us today if you're not sure. We can help!

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