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Occupational Therapist

Brianah is a passionate Occupational Therapist who strives to assist and empower individuals of all ages to reach their full potential. Brianah has had experience in the provision of rural and remote occupational therapy services. This requires a high level of competency, creativity, and energy.

Brianah loves working with all ages, is passionate and goal focused. She has experience working with children with disabilities and various developmental delays in varied settings including school, home and at our clinic. Brianah is proficient in undertaking developmental screens for early childhood and can conduct screens at preschools and childcare centres.

She is also able to assist with identifying challenges with sensory function and assisting with the development of strategies to address sensory processing difficulties. Brianah loves listening to how people want to improve their lives and puts that into writing for doctors and other health professionals. She understands the needs of clients new to the NDIS scheme and is available now for appointments



Speech and Language Pathologist

Madeline is a wonderfully quirky Speech and Language Pathologist who works exceptionally hard to be the best therapist she can be. Madeline takes pride in being able to understand her clients on an intellectual and emotional level, which enables her to connect with all clients.

Madeline enjoys providing assessment and therapy to children and adults of all ages to assist them with:

  • speech (articulation and phonological disorders)
  • language (eg. aphasia, autism, and developing grammar, vocabulary and sentence use) literacy (eg. reading, spelling, narratives)
  • social and interpersonal communication (eg. for people with autism and other disabilities)
  • voice

Madeline is available for home and school visits, and will travel all over Brisbane. She works closely with our occupational therapists to ensure there is a team approach to therapy. Her previous work and volunteer experiences have refined her skills in communicating with and assisting people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Therapy Dogs Brisbane - Darcy.jpg


Therapy Dog

Darcy is a fully trained and qualified Therapy Dog. He is available to visit aged care facilities, schools, and centres. His goal in life is to make you smile!

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) training was undertaken at Therapy Dogs Australia. This training is designed for existing health professionals, or people who are interested in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy. The Therapy Dogs Australia mission is to assist in creating human-canine therapy teams by equipping people with the skills and confidence required to include their dogs in their daily practice in a manner which is safe and ethical for their dog and their clients. 

Nicole and Darcy particularly love working with children on the autism spectrum. 





Speech and Language Pathologist

Claire is a ray of sunshine who loves working with children and adults of all ages. Claire is an exceptionally intelligent person her applies her knowledge and love for what she does into every therapy session. 

She is proficient in assessment and treatment of a range of speech and language challenges, and is able to work with individuals who have neuropsychological disorders, mental health challenges and developmental delays. 

Claire conducts joint and group sessions alongside our occupational therapy team, as well as one on one therapy. She is able to assist with the following:

  • Speech sounds and phonological disorders
  • Language stimulation
  • Expressive language skills and grammar
  • conversation skills and pragmatics
  • social skills, including turn taking
  • interpersonal communication


Teacher of The Deaf Brisbane.jpg


Teacher of the Deaf

Melissa is a qualified Teacher of the Deaf who is registered as a Better Start Provider. With over 13 years of experience in this specialised field, she has worked with children from infancy through to finishing highschool, across all ability ranges and in varied settings. 

Melissa’s focus is to develop individual intervention plans that are unique to your child and family, that address skills and goals that are important to you.  She can provide support to your child and family with: Language and communication development,  Auditory Skills, Strategies for the classroom such as managing acoustics and noise, Literacy support with a focus on phonological and phonemic awareness,  Cognitive development and learning skills development,  Referrals for additional support in Auslan or social and emotional development,   Develop partnerships with your family’s other service providers to establish a multidisciplinary team approach.


Mobile Therapy Assistant Brisbane.jpg


Practice Manager/ Therapy Assistant

Ashleigh is the friendly voice you are most likely to hear when you call the practice. She will help you to understand our services and how we can best assist you achieve your health and well-being needs. 

Ashleigh assists with therapy groups, parent training, and interviewing new clients. She is our NDIS expert and is our 'go to' for all matters NDIS related. 

Ashleigh also assists with the Treasures ASD Swimming Assessments and ensures that families are well-equipped with the information and resources they need to participate in this program.


Occupational Therapist (Maleny, Sunshine Coast)

Donna's professional experience has included working with client across the lifespan in a range of settings including school, clinic, outdoor, groups, home and adult sub-acute and slow stream inpatient rehab.  Intervention strategies used for children include communication aids (visual aids, PECs), role-playing, modelling, chaining and other strategies.  Donna has experience in running group programs including gross motor play skills and social skills for children with autism and/or social skill challenges.  

Donna has experience undertaking developmental screens for early childhood and can conduct screens and preschools and childcare centres.  She is also able to assist with identifying challenges with sensory function and assisting with the development of strategies to address sensory processing difficulties in children.  Donna is experienced in performing functional capacity assessments, ADL assessments, assessment for major and minor home modification and equipment prescription, assessment of cognitive function, visual processing and other assessments relevant to function across the lifespan.



Occupational Therapist

Cassie is a very bubbly and creative occupational therapist who takes considerable time getting to know each and every one of her clients. Cassie’s imaginative personality enables her to engage exceptionally well with children of all ages.

Cassie's professional experience has included working with children with a range of developmental delays in varied settings, including school, home and clinic. Intervention strategies utilised include communication aids (visual aids, PECs), role-playing, modelling, chaining and specific, evidence-based programs.

Cassie is experienced in the provision of group therapy programs for children with autism and/ or social skill challenges.

Cassie is proficient with undertaking developmental screens for early childhood and can conduct screens at preschools and childcare centres. She is also able to assist with identifying challenges with sensory function and assisting with development of strategies to address sensory processing difficulties.

Dr Nicole Grant Occupational Therapy Brisbane.jpg



Principal Occupational Therapist

Dr Nicole Grant has over 14 years of experience in Occupational Therapy in Brisbane, specializing in Paediatrics, adult rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation. While primarily involved in the development and provision of treatment programs, Nicole also specialises in assessment across a number of functional areas for the purpose of developing treatment plans and also for the development of medico-legal reports. Nicole has experience undertaking: care needs assessments; functional capacity assessments; workplace/ ergonomic assessments; ADL assessments; assessment for home modification and equipment prescription; assessment of cognitive function, visual processing, and other assessments relevant to functional skills.   Dr Grant's PhD in Occupational Therapy Interventions for children with Autism has earned her a reputation as a leader in this area across Australia.



Occupational Therapist

Elise Easdown is a positive and dynamic therapist who has always embraced the challenge of working with children of varying abilities and tailoring therapy to their specific needs, interests and skill levels. Elise has an extensive career in Occupational Therapy both in Australia and overseas in the Middle East. Elise has worked for Queensland Health, Queensland Education and in private practice and is a mum to three young children.

Elise is experienced in performing developmental and school-based assessments, kindy/childcare screens and developing individual and group therapy plans for clinic-based, home, and school environments.  Intervention experience has been based around developing children's sensory integration skills, fine and gross motor skills including handwriting development; self care skills, attention, and emotional regulation.

Elise has also spoken at a range of events, including most recently the C&K QLD conference on the benefits of combining movement and music for 4-year-olds and is the Occupational Therapist expert on the digital platform Parent Talk.

Gateway Therapies – Your Family Friendly Occupational Therapy Brisbane

At Gateway Therapies, we understand the huge impact that disability, illness and developmental concerns can have on a family. That’s why we only employ the best occupational therapists and allied health professionals. 

Not only are our specialists greatly experienced in allied health and occupational therapy, Brisbane families feel at ease with their calm, caring and compassionate approach. 

Family friendly allied health Brisbane

At Gateway Therapies, we are about making the therapy journey as stress free and comfortable as possible for your family. We work regularly with children on the Autism spectrum. We even offer mobile services for clients who might feel more comfortable in home surroundings.  

Whether you need a home visit by our child psychologist on Brisbane Southside, occupational therapy for children at your home, or speech therapy for kids at school, travelling to you within the Brisbane area is all part of our service. 

Specialists in occupational therapy for children with Autism and developmental concerns 

Having your child diagnosed with Autism (ASD) can be confusing and confronting. A child who is having trouble reaching milestones can also bring about a sense of unease. It’s our goal at Gateway Therapies to help you manage this journey in a practical, informative and non-invasive way. 

In addition to occupational therapy, disability support services, psychology and speech therapy, Brisbane families can access the following services at Gateway Therapies:

  • Teacher of the deaf
  • Music therapy
  • Social work and psychological counselling
  • Ergonomics and workplace rehabilitation
  • Dietetics and nutrition 

Not sure which specialist you need to see? CALL US NOW, we’d be happy to assist. 

A clinic where you can afford the therapy your family needs

We understand that the idea of a family member requiring therapy can inspire fear – fear of what it will cost! Rest assured that at Gateway Therapies you will either have a no-gap or low-gap fee. We believe that no one should be denied access to the therapy they need because of price. 

We are approved Early Intervention Providers for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Helping Children With Autism (HCWA) package and Better Start funding schemes. We are also approved providers for Medicare and most private health funds. 

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It’s not about us, it’s about you

Your family’s health and happiness is our number one priority at Gateway Therapies. It’s all about giving you the best care and making it easy to access occupational therapy, Brisbane psychologists, speech therapists and other allied health professionals. 

Did we mention we don’t have a waiting list? Get fast, friendly, practical assistance for your family’s health challenges sooner.

Can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? If you need help and advice in all areas of psychology, speech and occupational therapy in Brisbane, contact our caring team today.