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About Us

No one should be denied access to therapy. CLICK HERE  to meet our team who offer affordable occupational therapy in Brisbane.  

At Gateway Therapies, we understand the huge impact that disability, illness and developmental concerns can have on a family.

We are about making the therapy journey as stress free and comfortable as possible for you and your family and will help you manage this journey in a practical, informative and non-invasive way. 

Your family’s health and happiness is our number one priority. It is all about giving you the best care and making it easy to access occupational therapists, psychologists and speech pathologists who you can trust.

We assist children and young adults to develop life skills that they may find challenging and have the specialised skills for assisting children with Autism (ASD), Asperger's Disorder, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Intellectual Impairment, Dyslexia and other diagnosed disorders.

We believe that everyone should have access to the therapy they require.  Through the use of play, creative exercises and well proven evidence-based techniques we can assist with:

  • self-care skills (e.g. dressing, toileting, eating)

  • life skills (e.g. community access, money handling, shopping, food preparation and other household tasks etc)

  • sensory processing challenges

  • fine motor development, particularly handwriting

  • gross motor development/ coordination

  • attention/ concentration, organisation skills and difficulties with executive functioning

  • social and communication skills

  • visual processing and visual perceptual difficulties

  • literacy/ numeracy skills and other areas of academic performance

  • tone, posture and core stability

  • behavioural difficulties and managing difficult behaviours

  • emotional regulation, managing anxiety and self-calming strategies

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The Gateway Therapies Team

Dr Nicole Grant Occupational Therapy Brisbane.jpg


Principal Occupational Therapist

Dr Nicole Grant has over 14 years of experience in occupational therapy in Brisbane, across the fields of paediatrics (particularly autism intervention), adult rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation.

Nicole is able to assist with functional assessments, workplace/ergonomic assessments, and ADL assessments.

Tayla Speech Therapist


Speech and Language Pathologist

Tayla graduated in 2014 from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. 

Since graduating, Tayla has worked with predominately paediatric populations on the Autism Spectrum.  Tayla is enthusiastic and passionate about working with people of all ages and providing her clients and families with the best evidence based practice available to support, educate and assist clients with achieving their wants, needs and desires. 

Tayla has experience with helping those with speech, language, literacy, social and swallowing difficulties.  



Speech and Language Pathologist

Madeline is a speech and language pathologist who works exceptionally hard to be the best therapist she can be. She takes pride in being able to understand her clients on an intellectual and emotional level, which enables her to connect with them.

Madeline enjoys providing assessment and therapy to children and adults of all ages to assist them with:

  • speech (articulation and phonological disorders)

  • language (e.g. aphasia, autism, developing grammar, vocabulary and sentence use) literacy (e.g. reading, spelling and narratives)

  • social and interpersonal communication (e.g. for people with autism and other disabilities)

  • voice

Madeline works closely with our occupational therapists to ensure there is a team approach to therapy and her previous work and volunteer experiences have refined her skills in communicating with, and assisting people of diverse ages, backgrounds and abilities.  e

Therapy Dogs Brisbane - Darcy.jpg


Therapy Dog

Darcy is a fully trained and qualified therapy dog and his goal in life is to make you smile!

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) training was undertaken at Therapy Dogs Australia (TDA). and is designed for existing health professionals or people who are interested in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy. TDA mission is to assist in creating human-canine therapy teams by equipping people with the skills and confidence required to include their dogs in their daily practice in a manner that is safe and ethical for their dog and their clients. 

Nicole and Darcy particularly love working with children on the Autism Spectrum. He is available to visit aged care facilities, schools and centres. 


Kimberlee Pic.JPG


Senior Occupational Therapist

Kimberlee is a lovely occupational therapist who brings to the team extensive experience working with children on the autism spectrum. She is particularly passionate about delivering services in accordance with the Early Start Denver Model framework and utilising play based therapy.

Kimberlee thrives when working with a multidisciplinary team and collaborates well with our Speech Pathologists to ensure best client outcomes.

Kimberlee is a trained facilitator for the Secret Agent Society group therapy program




Vern earned his Master of Science degree from Otago University, New Zealand in 2001. In his early career he was employed as a Special Education Advisor with the New Zealand Ministry of Education (Special Education Services) where he remained while completing part time studies for the Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Psychology at Massey University. In 2004 Vern joined a private practice providing counselling services until moving from New Zealand to Australia in 2009. In 2009 he joined what was then called Disability Services Queensland until re entering back into private practice in 2012. Vern now works collaboratively with the Gateway Therapies team, providing a range of counselling services, assessment and other support.


Summary of work experiences include:

·         Supporting people with challenging behavior

·         Supporting young people and primary guardians with school based behaviours

·         Transitioning people from secure settings to the community

·         Intellectual disability

·         Providing assistance to people involved with critical incidents



Occupational Therapist

Cassie is a creative occupational therapist who takes the time getting to know every one of her clients, and her personality enables her to engage exceptionally well with children of all ages.

Her professional experience has included working with children with a range of developmental delays in varied settings, including school, home and clinic. Intervention strategies utilised include communication aids, role-playing, modelling, chaining and specific, and evidence-based programs.

Cassie is experienced in the provision of group therapy programs for children with Autism and/or social skill challenges.

She is also proficient with undertaking developmental screens for early childhood and is able to assist with identifying challenges with sensory function and assisting the with development of strategies to address sensory processing difficulties.  



Occupational Therapist

Georgie is an experienced OT with a passion for working with adults in community-based settings. She is particularly experienced working with clients who have mental health difficulties.



Occupational Therapist

Jessica has a passion for working with children to develop their skills and enhance their participation and engagement in all aspects of life. She enjoys working with her clients to support their inclusion in daily life by working in areas of fine and gross motor development, emotional regulation, social skills, sensory processing, and handwriting and self-care skills. Jessica believes it is essential to build a strong, positive relationship with children and their families so that they can all work together to meet their individual needs and goals. Jessica uses a play-based therapy approach to help children and families reach their full potential. Jessica enjoys outdoor play, group games, art and crafts and messy play to engage children. Jessica has completed the Traffic Jam in My Brain and Sensory Defensiveness training and enjoys utilising sensory based techniques in her therapy sessions.

Mobile Therapy Assistant Brisbane.jpg


Practice Manager

Ashleigh is the friendly voice you hear when you call the practice. She will help you to understand our services and how we can best assist you achieve your health and well-being needs. 

Ashleigh assists with therapy groups, parent training and interviewing new clients, and is our NDIS expert and our 'go to' for all matters NDIS related. 

Ashleigh also assists with the Treasures ASD Swimming Assessments and ensures that families are well-equipped with the information and resources they need to participate in this program.