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Pre-Prep Screening at Gateway Therapies

The Importance of Pre-Prep Screens

 Preparing your child for Prep can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time for parents of Pre-Prep children.  At Gateway Therapies, we’ve heard the concerns and are now providing Occupational Therapy Pre-Prep Screens.

The first five years of a child’s life are critical for brain and nervous system development.  During their younger years, children learn and develop new skills at an incredible rate.  However, it is very important for a child to develop their foundation skills in their early years in order for further skill development to occur effectively when they reach school.

 Often times, parents only discover that their child is struggling when they are already falling behind.  With early childhood screening, an Occupational Therapist can assess your child to ensure they have met all their developmental milestones and foundational learning skills prior to transitioning to Prep to decrease the risk of falling behind and having a negative learning experience.

 Ensuring that the foundation skills for learning are developed sets a strong platform for positive future learning experiences, builds confidence and self-esteem, and sets the foundation for a successful transition to primary school.  The months leading up to your child transitioning to primary school can be an anxious time for parents.  With Pre-Prep screening, you can have peace of mind knowing your child is ready for primary school, or, you will have detected challenges early and can access therapies to set your child up for the most successful school experience. 

 If you are seeking support and clarity, contact us today and an Occupational Therapist can come to your child’s early learning centre to screen your child, and provide a summary report to give your child the best chance at being a successful school learner.


<Thanks to Gateway Therapies’ Occupational Therapist, Kimberlee Drummond for contributing this article>

Nicole Grant