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Occupation Therapists for Seniors: Why Enlist Their Help?


As a person grows older, moving the body gets more tiresome, if not downright difficult. The muscles become weaker so doing the usual routine can end up quite a challenge. There is nothing to be ashamed of when this happens though. It is expected for seniors to need assistance in performing even the simplest of actions like eating or tying shoelaces. This article will help you understand the benefits an occupational therapist will bring to your life now that you are in your golden years.



Before anything else, what are occupational therapists in the first place? Generally, they help in the recovery of sick, handicapped, and disabled individuals. Their job description is somewhat similar to that of a physical therapist. However, they are more focused on how patients cope with their daily tasks rather than on how an injury heals. It is the job of the occupational therapist to assist in self-care and the like. To understand better what they do, here is a short list of benefits that they can bring to seniors.


Overcoming Day-to-Day Struggles

The goal of the therapist is to make your life easier. Although they cannot bring back the body strength you used to have, they can help you get past the difficulty of performing everyday tasks. Trouble keeping your balance or perhaps have a hard time standing up? It is the therapist who will be helping you move around while preventing any incidents of you falling. It is no secret that it is common for seniors to fall. Having an occupational therapist close by will give the sense of security that someone will be there to catch you.


Close Monitoring of Self

As you get older, your body starts to become unpredictable. One moment you are fine, the next thing you know you are already on the bed after passing out. For those in aged care homes, there will be professionals who are always present to monitor your condition. You can check this feature before you choose to stay in a facility. However, for those who opt to stay in their own homes, a personal on-call therapist can also be arranged to make sure that you are always safe.


Updating Medical Advice

Therapists also attend their own forums and trainings. They are always guided to stay updated on the newest procedures, methods, and techniques for helping individuals. You can take advantage of this when you have your own therapist. Expect to experience the latest methods of therapy which ensure that all your needs are provided for without making you uncomfortable. Therapists can also help you remember the schedule of any of your prescriptions. Most specialists keep a copy of your list of medications and when you should be taking them so they can remind you on time. In some cases, they will also monitor when you need to have your prescription refilled.


Having Someone Around

Another obvious benefit of having an occupational therapist is the companionship they can give you. Being old doesn’t have to be lonely. You can talk with them and share your thoughts. It is a part of their role to help you keep your mental health at its best state. They play a significant role in patients with memory problems. If it happens that you are suffering from one, having a therapist see the progress of your condition will help you to better adjust to the current state of your mind.


There are more benefits that come with having an occupational therapist around. Now that you have reached the senior stage in life, it is advised that you have someone to look after your needs and give you the proper care that you should be receiving. Do not feel ashamed to have others help you out in doing your daily things. Enlist a good helping hand and live a happier lifestyle as you age.

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