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Group Therapy Programs (Cool Cats)

Cool Cats Group Therapy Programs

Cool Cat

Gateway Therapies offers a range of group therapy programs for children of all ages. We understand that kids want to be kids, and our groups are designed with this in mind. Rather than attend 'therapy, your kids will become Cool Cats at Gateway Therapies. Why Cool Cats? Because cats are resilient, canny, and exude a quiet confidence. They are social creatures, but can be a little aloof - sometimes preferring to watch and wait, and at other times jumping in with fur flying! Cool Cats are fun, funky and fearless!

Your Cool Cat will be part of an exclusive club, where they will learn new skills, make new friends, and grow in confidence. All of our groups are facilitated by our experienced, super cool and friendly occupational therapists, and our programs are based on evidence-based strategies. Read all about the different groups we have on offer below. 

Cool Cats Social Club promo.jpg

Cool cats social club

Our popular Cool Cats Social Club for shy kids is back for 2018. This will be our 4th year running this program, and we are excited about its return in 2018.

The Cool Cats Social Club is for those kids who might be a bit shy or find it tricky making friends at school.

The groups are semi-structured, meaning that our experienced occupational therapists facilitate activities and provide guidance to facilitate interaction, however the children are given plenty of opportunity to choose how and when to direct play.

We always start with a light afternoon tea ta help kids settle in, and find that sharing food is a non-threatening social activity that is a great way to start the afternoon. 

Call now to make enquiries or register your interest.


Cool Cats Clever Club Promo.jpg

Cool Cats Clever Club 

Some kids need a little help learning the skills needed to focus, concentrate in class, and stay on task. These skills are known as Executive Functioning skills, and include things like attention/ concentration, working memory, problem solving, organisation skills and task initiation. These skills are essential for academic success and are necessary for all children, from Prep to Year 12. 

Our Clever Club helps kids of all ages (5 to 16) to learn and practice these skills in a fun, welcoming and supportive environment. Children of similar ages are grouped together to ensure that skills being taught are age appropriate. 

Groups are typically conducted at our Carina office, however we will happily make arrangements to conduct regular group therapy sessions at your school or childcare centre. Contact us to discuss your requirements. 



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Cool Cats Calm Club Promo.jpg

cool cats calm club

Introducing.... the Cool Cats Calm Club!

OT Steph is passionate about physical and mental health and wellbeing, and is an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation strategies. Steph has many years experience coaching children as an elite gymnast, and currently runs our other Cool Cats Clubs, including our school readiness program.

The Calm Club aims to help children of all ages find some quiet time in the week to learn and practice a range of strategies that help with relaxation, emotional regulation, and mindfulness.

This group has been designed for all children, but will be particularly beneficial for children with anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, and sensory processing difficulties.


Cool cats writer's club .jpg

Cool Cats Writer's Club

The Cool Cats Writer's Club is a group therapy program for children in the early years (ages 4 - 7) who need help with all aspects of writing. This includes writing legibility, letter formation, letter spacing and height, position on page, pencil pressure and speed.

We also include activities that improve posture, coordination, strength and dexterity/ pencil grasp, which are important for writing success. 

The Writer's Club encourages children to enjoy writing, by introducing handwriting activities that are fun and unique. 

It is important that children become confident with writing in the early years, as this is the time when writing habits become well entrenched, and are very tricky to break later.

We are happy to bring our Cool Cats Writer's Club to your school.  Contact us to discuss how we can help. 

Cool cats move and jam promo.jpg

Cool cats Move and Jam

Cool Cats Move and Jam is a program for children aged 4 - 7 that focusses on gross motor movement, postural control, and coordination. This group is movement based, and incorporates dance, gymnastics, sport and other activities that kids love.

Facilitated by our Occupational Therapists, kids will grow their confidence, build skills, and experience increased strength and coordination through carefully selected activities - designed to be fun, achievable and effective.

This group will benefit kids who have low tone, poor strength and postural stability, and poor coordination. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will find this program particularly beneficial, however all are welcome. 

Cool cats drama club promo.jpg

Cool cats drama club

Public speaking and talking in front of people in a group setting are a normal part of school life. Some kids find it really hard to talk in front of others, whether it be amongst friends, in class, or in sporting and other groups. 

Kids are usually able to choose if  and when they contribute to group discussions or perform in front of an audience, however sometimes they don't have a choice. Presenting in front of the class will be a requirement at some stage of their academic lives. Speaking in front of the class is also a requirement if your child needs to ask for help or has a question during the lesson. 

The Cool Cats Drama Club is a fun program that aims to give kids the confidence and skills they need to speak up, communicate clearly, and find their voice. 

This program is facilitated by our Occupational Therapy team.